Our Mission Statement

As a Christian community founded on the belief that the Catholic school has an important function in the community.  We in St. Brendan’s Primary School, strive to create a caring, happy and secure environment, where every individual is treated with dignity and respect, whilst being given the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents.

“strive to create a

caring, happy and

secure environment”


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We are firmly committed to

– the maintenance of high standards of teaching and learning so that all children have the best chance possible to achieve their potential.

– the development of a partnership between home and school, giving parents the opportunity to become involved in and to contribute to the work of the school.

– the arrangements for pastoral care to be integrated with, and reflected in, the daily life of the school.

– the development of the personality and abilities of each child so that he/she learns to be independent and self- motivated.

– the maintenance of the school premises and grounds, in order to create an attractive and stimulating environment.

We see our school community as an integral part of the family of God and consider the links which we forge between the home, parish and the wider community as a vital part of the work of the school.

100% of our parents when surveyed believe that St Brendan’s is well led and managed (Parent Survey 2016)




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